Behind the inooknit brand is a group of designers and knitwear professionals who are committed to sustainable fashion. We believe wearing eco-friendly footwear should not require sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.

All inooknit shoes feature elastic, breathable and lightweight design specs, designed in-house by experienced designers.



We proudly introduced the inooknit brand in 2018 with “low environmental impact” at the core of our business.

Traditional shoe manufacturing produces massive amounts of scrap, which is a waste of resource and contaminates our planet.

Through our proprietary knitwear technology, we are able to significantly reduce marginal waste.





Do you know how much pollution and waste is created by the typical shoe manufacturing process? We prioritize our planet every step of the way. inooknit's mission—to change the status quo and do our best to improve the world we live in by prioritizing the health of our planet and people.


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